The Big Question: raising challenge by dropping objectives.


My new school, like many schools, has twilight sessions dedicated to staff development. Each session is led by a member of staff and focuses on an aspect of T&L. I elected to lead the group on “Stretch and Challenge”. The idea is that the groups meet three times over several weeks. The first session involves a presentation by the group leader followed by a discussion around the topic, before members agree on something they can work on in their teaching. In the second meeting, the group discusses their successes and problems and work out how they will present their ideas to the whole staff in the third meeting.

In my presentation I banged on about raising expectations, making things harder in lessons, and providing more targeted support to help students meet the challenge. I talked a bit about the danger of capping aspiration and the pitfalls of differentiated objectives, and…

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Mostly English teacher, AHT (T&L/literacy/CPD) & bibliophile. Irregular examiner, MTBer, armchair anthropologist & bassist. Fascinated by language & behaviour.

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