Designing a New KS3 English Curriculum.


Here is a summary of the principle points guiding the development of our new KS3 English curriculum:

We want a curriculum that:

–          challenges our students and supports them to become well-read and knowledgeable about great writing in the English language (including novels, poems, plays and literary non-fiction) and how it developed chronologically.

–          develops students that can read easily and fluently in a wide range of styles and genres, who can understand high quality texts, making personal responses and critically analysing and evaluating patterns and ideas within and between texts, whether of language, structure, style or form.

–          develops students that enjoy writing skilfully in a wide range of styles and forms and for a variety of purposes and audiences.

–          develops students that speak confidently and fluently in a wide variety of contexts, who can adapt their speech to a wide variety of situations and who listen intently…

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About Andrew Warner

Mostly English teacher, AHT (T&L/literacy/CPD) & bibliophile. Irregular examiner, MTBer, armchair anthropologist & bassist. Fascinated by language & behaviour.

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